Monday, May 25, 2009

Squaw Peak Trail_Memorial Day 2009

I've gotta start this blog out by stating/testifying that I believe WHOLE-HEARTEDLY in guardian angels!! Even for the unwise!!!

Today my good friend Spencer & I went ATVing & after completing some work that he had to do on this wonderfully BE-A-UTIFUL Memorial Day, we hit the canyon!! Spencer was able to convince a friend of his & her roommate to join us!! We had some great fun, including PB&J or PB&H for lunch, snow slide climbing & LOTS of nature!! I LOVE being in the outdoors & friends make it all that more enjoyable!!


{Spencer Going Over Snow Slide}

PS - I've been advised to not show me coming across the Snow Slide!! If you'd like to see it you'll have to talk to me in person!! Or maybe I'll post it later...we'll see!! LY!!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jared's B-day Dinner & Playing w/Mator_05232009

This last weekend started as another one filled with fun AND family!!!

I LOVE special occasions which provide excuses for us to get together!! This time it started out with a celebration of Jared's birth!! Jared chose to have dinner at the Macaroni Grill in downtown Salt Lake!! It wasn't the best meal we've eaten together, but we were together...that's all that matters!!

{The Fam at Macaroni Grill}

Saturday we took Mator out for some Memorial Day fun!! I was VERY nervous that it was going to be SUPER crowded due to the holiday, but to my surprise...there was NO ONE there!!! And when I say "no one" I'm not exaggerating!!! You can see in the slide show below that I'm telling the truth!! I had such a GRRRREAT time, even though I mostly just spent my time sitting with the none-riders!! I LOVE being with my family & seeing others having fun & being happy!!!


Firsts of the Season...Part II!!!

This last Thursday night we had our first bowl night of the Summer season!! It twas SOOO much fun to get some of the old gang together again!!

{Miracle Bowl, Orem, UT}

{Applebees, Orem, UT}


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Firsts of the Season!!!

This last weekend was one of "firsts" for the Summer season!! It started off with our first camping trip!!

Thursday night Spencer & I drove up Provo Canyon to check on last years camping spot above Hope Campground!! To our devastation the road to our site was still closed!! Therefore we tried to find another spot for Friday night. On our way down the Hope Campground road we stopped at a couple of spots that we thought might work & at one of the spots we spotted a new "friend"!! We aksed him to watch the spot for us in case we came back the next night!!

{Spencer & Our New "Friend"}

After a brief visit with our new friend we drove further up the canyon & thought we'd check out Wallsburg!! We found a PRIME spot but figured it was too far away & too hard to explain directions for a first camp of the year!! We're excited to use it later in the season (or in a week or so)!! ;0)

Since Wallsburg was soo far away we thought we'd check out Nunn's Park in Provo Canyon!! To our amazement the best spot (#10) in the park was still available so I arranged to get up early to reserve the spot Friday morning!! It was a FUN night with some new friendships made!! Hopefully we can get more & more throughout the year!!

{The Morning Fire & The Leftover Campers}

I've got to admit that one of my FAVORITIST parts of camping is the AMAZING breakfast that Spencer & I make!! Don't believe me...guess you'll just have to come & try it out!!!

One of the other fun parts about our camping trips is the game of Washers!! Soo addicting!!'ve gotta come to experience it!!!

The second first of this season was my first golf trip!! The Landlord & I hit up Cascade Fairways at the mouth of Provo Canyon!! I LOVE my first golf trips cause I tend to play a bit better than any other time of the year!!

There's another "first" coming up later this week & I'll post on it after Thursday!! SOOO EXCITED!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Don't Know!!!

Earlier this evening I attended a fireside where a dear friend, Jack R Christianson, was the speaker!!  He is such an amazing man with an even MORE AMAZING testimony!!  I could listen to him speak ALL day EVERY day!!  Everytime I hear him speak I get HIGHLY motivated to become a gospel scholar!!  Of course, we all know that that's a long shot, eggspecially since I struggle reading!!  It's not that I can't, it's just that I don't like to!!  I'm a very visually stimulated individual!!

I'm VERY grateful for the experiences & stories that Bro Jack shares, and more eggspecially for his testimony!!  He's an emotional individual & it makes me feel a LOT better about the fact that my emotions, like my whole family, is right on the surface!!

I'm SOOO grateful for the gospel & the knowledge of this!!  I'm VERY grateful for all the examples that I have in my life!!