Sunday, June 21, 2009

Strawberry Days Rodeo_June 19 2009

This last Friday night I went to the Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days Rodeo with Spencer & some other friends!! This is the third year that I've gone!! This year wasn't as good as the past couple of years, but then again...the last two years I went on the last night of the rodeo & they tend to be the bestest nights!! Following are some video clips of the events from the evening!!

{Mutton Bustin'}

{Dual Dirt Bike Jump}

{Dirt Bike Back Flip}

{ALMOST 8 Seconds}

{This was HILARIOUS!!!!}

{Poor Rider got kicked in the back}


"Protector" of the New Office

Thursday while I was delivering some items to our new office I noticed this spot of bird doodoo on the ground.

I was curious as to if there was a nest in the tree & when I looked up this is what I discovered!!

I couldn't believe it!! I don't think I've ever seen an owl in real life before!! It was only about 4-6 inches tall & had the most yellow eyes!! It looked right at me!! I HAD to get a picture, mostly for my sister-in-law cause she LOVEs owls!!!


Monday, June 8, 2009

... & Me!!

For some time now I've been wanting to watch the movie "Marley & Me"!! I've been hesitating because I've heard from a plethera of sources that it's a REAL tear-jerker (& I haven't been able to find anyone to watch it with me :'-( ... but enough of the sob story)!! I FINALLY watched it yesterday afternoon!! I'm now VERY upset that I waited SOOO long to watch it!! WAS a "sobber" (especially if you're a Miller), but it's now one of my top 5!!! LOVED it!!! Gonna buy it!!!!

I don't know if you can get the FULL effect of the movie without being a dog-owner/dog-LOVEr!! My families been lucky enough to have two dogs!!

Our first dog was Nikki!! She was originally my Uncle Norm & Aunt Helen's!! I have such FOND memories of when I would "dog-sit" her while they were out of town on family vacations!! Oh the FUN times!!! Then, before my mission, my Uncle's family moved into a condo where they were not allowed to have pets!! We were lucky enough to be aksed to take care of Nikki!! She was an amazing dog & instantly became a member of our family!! We had her for YEARS & then one day in July 1999 I came home from church & let her out the door & the next thing I know she was laying in the middle of the street!! She would NEVER go into the street!!! What had happened this day to make her do something that she had NEVER done before?! It was a VERY sad day in our family!! It was a TREMENDOUS loss!!!

Then...for Mother's Day/Mother's B-day in 2000, Charlie came up with an AWESOME present!! He had overheard Mother telling stories of when she was younger & how she used to have a chocolate lab!! Charlie happened to have a friend that just had a litter of pups & what do you know...they were chocolate labs!! He surprised Mother & the whole rest of the family with Jessi!! It's been a REAL "delight" since that time!! Much like the movie ("Marley & Me") we soon learned that we had to hide ANYTHING that was edible!! Anytime we left the house Jessi would go "exploring"!! We would come home & find wrappers from loaves of bread on the floor!! When I say loaves of bread I mean...LOAVES!!! It's seriously AMAZING how much these aminals can eat!!

After seeing this movie it made me want my own dog EVEN MORE than ever!!! I know how much attention they require, but I also know how much LOVE I have to give!!! The thing I LOVE the most about dogs is how excited they get when you come home!! I know with me & Jessi she's just excited to see a new face, but from my experiences with both Nikki & Jessi I know how much LOVE these aminals have for their "masters"!! All I know is that as soon as I get a place of my own I'm getting myself my own "Best Friend"!!!

Enjoy the slideshow below!! GRRREAT memories for my family!!!! LY!!!!


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Stihl Timbersports @ Thanksgiving Pointe_06062009

This last weekend I got to spend some quality time with my sister-in-law, Haley, & her boy, Kannon, while my brother, Chuck, was teaching a coaching class!! Friday night we went to "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian". I didn't think it was as good as the first one, but there aren't many sequels that match up to the first ones!!

Saturday we spent most of the day at Thanksgiving Pointe at the Stihl Timbersports Series!! I've watched this event a couple of times on ESPN2 & enjoyed every minute of it!! I was SOO excited when Haley & Kannon wanted to go to it!! I had a REALLY good time & look forward to seeing us on TV!! Sadly it's not set to air until Nov 15th, Nov 29th & mid-Dec sometime!! :'( Hopefully I'll remember come that time!! All was still GRRREAT spending some time with Haley & Kannon!!! Thnx you two!!! LOVEYouBOTH!!!!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fun Times...And Still Alive!!!'s the video I made mention to on my last blog!!  It's not bad & it's not the worst that happened that day, but it's still not something that you want your Mother to see!!