Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kemmerer WY & BungeeMe_06282009

Although I've been lacking in the blogging realm I have NOT been lacking in the enjoyment one!! Over the past month I've had SEVERAL fun weekends & just fun times in general!!

The weekend before the Fourth of July I was invited by my good friend, Spencer, to go to his home town of Kemmerer WY to spend the night with his family!! His Mother & one of his sisters, Lynzee, were performing in Kemmerer's Annual Community Choir event & so we took off to support the family!! Below are a few pics & vids of the fun times we had whilst there!!

Whilst in Kemmerer, Spencer & his family played this new game they've become addicted to!! He's named is "BungeeMe"!! As you can see from the following videos it looks like LOTS of fun, but it can also be a little dangerous!! No don't need to cover the "little one's" eyes!!

In the following video you can hear a Mother's Plea to stop for safety's sake!!

And in THIS video you can see the "dangers" of having TOO much fun!!!