Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sarah A's B-day Dinner...Cafe Rio Style_03172009

I had the WONDERFUL priviledge of being invited to the exclusive birthday dinner in honor of the AMAZING Sarah A!! It was prepared by the OUTSTANDING Claire B!! Somehow Claire-Bear got her hands on the recipes for Cafe Rio's pork & "house" dressing!! It was SOOOO good!!! Thank you SOOO much for including me in this celebration!!!!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cecily B's B-day_Fat Cats_03162009

Second only to spending time with my Family is...spending time with my Friends!!  And bowling none-to-boot!!!  Thanks Friends for including me in the FUN!!!!!


A Day With The Family_03142009

As you'll see with this blog I've discovered a wonderful way to make a slideshow of my pics ( cool)!!!  And since I like to take a LOT of pictures & it's TOO difficult for me to pick just a few to post I figured this would be the best & easiest way for me to post them all!!

Last weekend I decided last minute to spend the day with my family!!  On my way home I called to "warn" them...if you will...and to my surprise Kannon answered the phone!!  He was bragging about eating Mickey Mouse pancakes & eggs!!  I told him how jealous I was & asked that he ask Gramma to save some for me...which luckily she did!!  MMMM...I sure do LOVE my Mother's cooking!!!

It was a fun-filled day which began with breakfast & ended with a bowling excursion with Jared, Jodi & Danny!!  This first slideshow shows the amazing pancake & eggs that we got to enjoy along with some of the score/screen shots showing the skillz that our family has at bowling, as well as some photos of Jessi playing and eating snow!!  What a fun family member she is!!!

Following are some photos of the fun time we had while cleaning out our cars!!  Kannon was a HUGE help, after he completed his stop sign of course!!

This last slideshow has some photos that Kannon took!!  It's amazing how much he takes after his Mother!!!

This little video clip shows how much fun Kannon has when helping us out!!


Haley's B-day Dinner_Texas Roadhouse_03072009

I absolutely LOVE my family and ANY opportunity that I get to spend time with them!!!  This blog is dedicated to Haley's B-day dinner at the Texas Roadhouse!!!  Time VERY well spent!!!!



Sunday, March 8, 2009

Baby Wright's Baby Shower_03032009!!

Over the past several months I've been dwelling WAY too much on the "things" that I don't have or have lost instead of appreciating the "things" that I do have. This last week I had a few experiences that brought this fact to my attention & helped me see the error of my ways!!

I'd like to share one such experience now!!

The last several semesters of my college "life" I had the WONDERFUL priveledge of "volunteering" at the Orem Institute of Religion & becoming good friends with the office staff!! I spent nearly every morning (& every evening) helping w/registration & what ever else they requested!! One of these staff members is a friend of mine that I made in one of my wards (Orem College 16th), StashaLee!! StashaLee & Doug met in our ward & were married in 2007. I've become good enough friends with these ladies (& Doug), that I was invited to a baby shower for Doug & StashaLee's boy that is due in the next 5 weeks!! Following are just some of the pictures from this occasion:

{MOST of the attendees}

{YES...I picked this out ALL BY MYSELF!!!!}

{A couple of the other gifts given/received}

The reason I post this as one of my "experiences" is because of the great LOVE & acceptance that I feel from these WONDERFUL Sisters by being included in this time-honored "female" tradition!! These AMAZING Sisters helped to keep me active & going strong during this period of my life!! I am FOREVER indebted to them!!!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nick's B-day Celebration 2009!!!

So...I LOVE to eat & I LOVE to celebrate special occasions & when the opportunity comes that they come hand-in-hand...I'm ALL for it!!!

Tuesday (03/03/09) was my good friend Nick's b-day!! He's not been around to join in the festivities the last couple of years because he's is in the Caribbean going to medical skool @ St George's University. This year HE'S lucky enough to have his new wife, Ku'ulei, there to celebrate it with him!! I miss them both VERY much, but that's not the point of this blog!! The point is...well...there really is no "point" I just wanted to let Nick & Ku'ulei know that we're thinking of them if though they're MILES away!! I hope you had a good one Buddy!!! BACOCNAOI...ACS!!!!!!

This year a few of Nick's friends got together at Bangkok Grill (one of Nick's favorite food establishments) to commemorate Nick's arrival to this world!! 3 out of the 4 of us enjoyed the Masaman (my FAVorite!!!) It was good getting together!! Oh how I miss the old days!!!

{Skoot, MandyAnn, Rob & Ben P enjoyin the BG!!}

I hope EVERYONE...ESPECIALLY Nick & Ku'ulei...had a WUNDERBAR day this last Tuesday!!! Whether it was celebrating a special day or just having a "good one"!!!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One Non-Stop Weekend!!!

There are two types of weekends that I LOVE!! The first is where you can sit around doing absolutely NOTHING...and feel good about it!! And the other is where you have SOOO much planned that you can hardly breathe!!! This last weekend was the latter!!

Babysitting (aka Kid Watching) Some of My Cousins

It all started Friday night when I got to spend the evening watching some of my cousin's kids...Darron & Heather's: Halle, Ava & Thomas and Ryan & Melanie's: Maxwell!!

It's been a LONG time since I've "watched" kids & it was fun getting to do it again!! One of the reasons I like spending time with kids is because I consider myself as having "Peter Pan Syndrome"!! One of these reasons is due to the unconditional LOVE that children have for others!! I wish I had this type of LOVE!! The reason I say this is because I haven't done much with any of these kids...even at family functions...and they welcomed me right in!! Here's a small example: Halle was SOOO helpful especially with Maxwell!! Maxwell is VERY shy & I didn't get to spend much time with him before Ryan left so I'm sure that added to his bashfulness!! Thank goodness for Halle!! She helped him feel welcome & helped to lighten the mood!! Gradually Maxwell came around & joined us for a little dinner!! After we finished dinner we made our way downstairs to the "toy" room. Halle had put "Cars" on the TV for Maxwell earlier so I just finished watching that while I also got to play with the kids a little!! Overall it was a very good night!!

Golfing at The Ranches w/Andy, Ryan & Rich

Earlier in the week my friend Andy called to see if I'd be available (and willing) to go golfing!! LUCKILY I hadn't had anything planned for Saturday yet so I agreed!! It doesn't take much twisting of my arm to get out to play golf...or to spend time with my friends!!! I was SOOO happy that I got to go...even if I didn't play well!! But let's be honest...when do I ever play good golf!!!

BYU-Utah Basketball Game w/The Landlord

Saturday morning JUST before heading to the golf course The Landlord sent me a text aksing what I'd be doing at 3pm that day!! I told him that I'd be on the "links" & he said that he had an extra ticket to the BYU-UofU basketball game!! I told him that I'd LOVE to go but it all depended on what time I got done golfing!! He said that that would be fine!! I wasn't expecting to be SOOO long at the golf course, but we didn't end up getting to the game until 25 seconds left in the first half!!! Which was fine...according to the Landlord...because BYU wasn't doing very well!! I must be a good luck charm for BYU cause they ended up "pulling it out" & beat the U by 13 points!!

Bowling at Miracle Bowl Before Dave F Leaves for PA

Jessica & Andrea planned a surprise dinner/gathering for Dave F who is heading back to PA to be with his family!! I have some of the AWESOMEST friends that think SOOOO much of others!! The reason I say this is because Jessica & Andrea sat at Iggy's for OVER an hour just to get a table big enough for the 16 friends of Dave's that ended up showing up!! After dinner at Iggy's we went bowling at the Miracle Bowl!! I LOVE bowling...even though like golf, I'm not all that good!!! But being with GRRRREAT friends makes up for the bad bowling!! Don't let the picture below fool you...Andrea & Matt REALLY did have a good time!!!