Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Me Doth Think TOO Much!!!!

These last two months (Oct/Nov) have been VERY disheartening for me!! Not just because of circumstances in MY life, but due to events/losses in the life's of some friends!!! One LOVEd one passed after a LONG battle with Myelodysplastic Syndrome, another passed suddenly after a dentist appointment & yet another was hit by an automobile!! These last two losses have made me think/ponder more & MORE about how short or brief our time might be with those we LOVE!! We just never know when it's someone's "time" to "go"!!! I know this is a VERY sensitive subject...emotionally!! But it's what's been on my mind as of late & I just needed to get it down!! I know I'm not going to give my thoughts or emotions justice, but I'll just have to deal with that!!

I want to let EVERYONE that reads this, whether we are Family, GRRRREAT Friends or simply Acquaintances, that I truly appreciate you being in my life!! I'm certain I could go thru each one of your names & give at least ONE example of how you've influenced, nay...IMPACTED, my life, but then I'd NEVER get thru this blog!!

PPPPPLEASE just know that I LOVE & appreciate you & the fact that we have been/were brought together!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!