Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Me Doth Think TOO Much!!!!

These last two months (Oct/Nov) have been VERY disheartening for me!! Not just because of circumstances in MY life, but due to events/losses in the life's of some friends!!! One LOVEd one passed after a LONG battle with Myelodysplastic Syndrome, another passed suddenly after a dentist appointment & yet another was hit by an automobile!! These last two losses have made me think/ponder more & MORE about how short or brief our time might be with those we LOVE!! We just never know when it's someone's "time" to "go"!!! I know this is a VERY sensitive subject...emotionally!! But it's what's been on my mind as of late & I just needed to get it down!! I know I'm not going to give my thoughts or emotions justice, but I'll just have to deal with that!!

I want to let EVERYONE that reads this, whether we are Family, GRRRREAT Friends or simply Acquaintances, that I truly appreciate you being in my life!! I'm certain I could go thru each one of your names & give at least ONE example of how you've influenced, nay...IMPACTED, my life, but then I'd NEVER get thru this blog!!

PPPPPLEASE just know that I LOVE & appreciate you & the fact that we have been/were brought together!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!



Monday, October 19, 2009


I've been waiting to post 7 blogs & I finally gave up waiting!! I've post 3 of the 7 & those three will probably be updated with vids as I get around to them. I just haven't had access to my computer, nor the HOURS to download the vids. More will come when/if I ever get back to my computer!!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Taylor's Football_10032009

This last weekend I was lucky enough to get to watch my nephew (#74) KICK BUTT!!! Supposedly his coach mostly puts him on the offensive line where he doesn't do much, but you can see from the vids below that when he plays defense he gets the job done!!! Way to go Big T!!!!!

{The STAR defensive lineman!!!!}

{#74 makin a spin move to get in on the play!!!}

{#74 takin on the "BIG" guy!!!}

{#74 makin the tackle!!!!}


BYU v Florida State Tailgate Party_09192009

My friend, Spence, was hosting a Tailgate party for the first home game of BYU's 2009-2010 season!! We were HOPING to be able to play PS3 & show it on my "old" projector, but it turned out to be just TOO light outside!! So instead there was just a LOT of standing around & goofing off!!! GOOD TIMES!!!!

{Spenc & my Lady Friends!!}

{Andrea Playin' DJ!!}

{Young Cheerleader Driving By!!}

{This is what happens when you take a pic on my camera & leave it on there!!!}


Ferron Peach Days Demolition Derby_09122009

Oh the FUN days of Summer!!! And the MANY city "days"!! There's the Pleasant Grove "Strawberry Days" & rodeo, the Payson "Onion Days" & the Ferron "Peach Days" & demolition derby!! MMMM...fruit & cream!!! What an AMAZING combination!!!!

Last year was my first year at the Ferron PD & DD. It wasn't really the best experience of my life, but it WAS entertaining seeing who comes out to these things (soo WT)!!

This year I was able to make it down earlier in the day so I got to spend some time with my friend's family & friends!!!

{I LOVE the white trashness of the demo derby!!!}

{Mulletts RULE!!!!}

{I was laughing SOOO hard when I saw this shirt!!!
I just HAD to get a pic of it!!!}