Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last Day @ the Univ 16th Ward!! :'(

Today was my last day as a member of the University 16th (YSA) Ward!!  :'(  It's VERY hard to leave, but it's time to make the change!!!  I became VERY good friends with the Bishopric & their families...being Asst Ward Clerk helped a GRRRREAT deal with this...and I'm going to miss them all TREMEDOUSLY!!!  I REALLY appreciate ALL they did to make me feel welcome & to feel a part of their families!!  I REALLY admired all their efforts in attending as many ward activities as they could!!  They would travel from Lehi to Provo AT LEAST twice a day on Sundays (Sacrament Meeting in the mornings & Ward Prayer at nights) and sometimes a couple days during the week to various activities!!  They are TRUE examples of dedication to their callings from the Lord!!

Now to the new ward!!!  After Sacrament Meeting (appr 10:30am) I transferred my records to my new ward (another perk of being Asst Ward Clerk), the Edgemont 2nd Ward.  About 1:30pm "The Landlord" received a was from Bishop Kohler!!  He was calling them because he had just received my records & was calling to verify things!!  I'm gonna LOVE this new ward if the Bishop is THIS up on things!!!

Welp...that's my life to date!!  I hope ALL is well with you all!!


Friday, December 26, 2008


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! I don't really know exactly what it is about this AMAZING holiday that makes me SOOOO happy!!! I'm thinking that it's just being with my family & seeing HOW much we LOVE being together!! Gifts are fun, but...TIME IS SOOOO MUCH BETTER!!!!!

The kids enjoyed playing w/each others gifts!!

My family are the MOST creative gift wrappers!!
"Use what ya got!!"

Father explaining the charms on the bracelet he gave Mother...
they contained the birthstones for each of us...their kids!!

Gifts that remind us of times passed!!

At times the kids would get bored waiting to open the gifts THEN...

Gifts that fit appropriately to our needs & lives!!

Gifts to keep us warm!!!

Gifts that make us happy!!!!

Gifts that bring joy & the gratitude felt!!!

Random pic from the day's events!!!

Poor Jesse was feeling a little left out this year!!!

Thank you SOOOO much to my Family for...EVERYTHING!! I had such an AWESOME Christmas this year!! I LOVE you all SOOO much!!! There is NO way I'm EVER going to be able to show my LOVE & appreciation for EVERYTHING you do for me...just your concern & interest in my life let's me know I'm LOVEd!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!


Merry CHRISTmas Eve!!!! (At Uncle Rodney's)

I LOVE Family traditions!! One of my FAVORITISTS is Christmas Eve dinner & the reading of Luke 2 @ Uncle Rodney & Aunt Paula's (We miss you!!!)!! It's SOO much fun getting together with my Mother's side of the family & catching up on everything that's going on in their lives!!

This year I was lucky enough to be the narrator of Luke 2!! Normally during the reading the smaller kids will set up the Little People Nativity scene, but it was unable to be located this year!! There's always next year!!!

I'm SOOOO grateful for Family traditions & the way that they keep my Family together!!!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Merry Miller CHRISTmas!!!

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE CHRISTmas?!?!?!

Yesterday was the annual Miller Family CHRISTmas Party @ my parent's ward house!! This is ONE of the many family activities I look forward to EVERY year!! If you know my family you'll know why!! Following are a FEW of these reasons...


There are four food staples to every Miller party: 1) Blonde brownies [not featured at the CHRISTmas party :'( ]; 2) Potato Salad [Grandma Miller made the bestest, but the attempts at matching are still REEEEALLY good!!!]; 3) Darin Scott's 7 Layer Dip; & 4) Brenda's Cheesy Meat Dip. 

{Attempts at Grandma Miller's Potato Salad!!}


I can't really think of what to say except...I LOVE them!!!


For the last 10 or so years I've been playing Santa at these CHRISTmas parties!! The "older" kids have caught on to the fact that it's me, and last year Rachel May even saw through the disguise!! Therefore I've been trying to decide how we could change things up to throw things off!! So...this year Charlie stepped in to fill the "suit"!! I was pretty sad about this happening this year because the theme for this year's party was "Mele Kalikimaka" and Santa was asked to dress Hawaiian!! (see more info below) It would have been REALLY fun to have a little change to the "usual" Santa routine!! All well...Santa Charlie did a good job!!! 


This year Norm, Helen & their kids/grandkids were "in charge". Due to ALL of Norm's travels to Hawaii & other "islands" they decided to go with a theme of "Mele Kalikimaka"!! Along with this Norm had his grandkids do a little singing/dancing for the family!!


Friday, December 19, 2008

Guitar Hero World Tour w/"The Landlord"

The other night "The Landlord" bought the new Guitar Hero World Tour (GHWT) for him & his family for CHRISTmas!!  Lucky for me, he is impatient & didn't want to wait til CHRISTmas to open it so Tuesday night & last night we "jammed" on his new game!!  After playing Rockband SOO much it takes a little adjusting to get used to the new drum layout (see pic below), but I'm I've gotta say...I like the drum setup in GHWT a LOT better!!!!

Thnx for the good times "Landlord"!!!!!



Thursday, December 18, 2008

CHRISTmas AT Foundations!!!

I absolutely LOVE CHRISTmas time!!! It is by FAR my FAVORITIST time of year!!! (Even though this year has been extremely tough for me) It's the time of year that gives us ALL-THE-MORE reason to think of others!! ie - Michole (Jared's girlfriend) is trying to find out from some of the SL homeless shelters/food banks if they are in need of any "helping hands" to help serve dinners on CHRISTmas night!! I'm SOOO excited to (hopefully) bring some joy into someone else's life this year!!!!

Enough of that...back to the real reason for this blog...CHRISTmas at Foundations Insurance!!

I've been away from the Foundations Office for the last week & a half!! When I returned today there was a tree in the office!! I LOVE pine trees!! I don't know WHAT it is about them, but they make me SOOO happy!!! There's not much to this CHRISTmas tree, but I still LOVE it!!!

As I was walking to Albertson's this morning to get breakfast I was thinking to myself: "I should REALLY get something for the Foundations Ladies for CHRISTmas!! I don't have ANY money for presents, but I REALLY need to get something to show them how much I LOVE & appreciate them." As I was walking to the produce section I passed the "flower cooler"!! I saw ALL the beautiful flowers & a thought popped into my head...get them flowers!!! I was like...WHAT A GRRRREAT IDEA!!!! But...what color do I get?! What IS the appropriate color for "Friends"?!?! I should have called my WONDERFUL Friend the Florist, Britnee, but I really didn't want to bother her with it...especially since she helped me yesterday with something else!! Anyhow...I saw this AMAZING bouquet of Bella Vita Roses and said: "DONE!!!!"

Thank you "Ladies" for your kindness AND patience with me!!! These flowers are the LEAST I can do to show how much you ALL mean to me and how much I appreciate your FRIENDSHIP!!!