Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chelsey & Monika's B-day Celebration!!!

What a Saturday night I had!!! I got to celebrate the births of a few of my friends!! Monika & Steph D's birthdays were on Thursday while Chelsey's birthday was on Saturday!! Steph D & some of her friends made the long drive to Mapleton from Riverton, while Chelsey made the even LONGER drive from St George!!

When I asked Chelsey what kind of cake she wanted she IMMEDIATELY told me that she wanted her Mother (Ma Judy) to make pear pies!! I'd never heard of "pear" pie before, but I'm glad she suggested it because Ma Judy made some AMAZING pear pies!! Thnx Ma Judy!!!!

Thnx also to my cousins Kacy & Darin for allowing us to use their home!!

{The PAAAARTAY party!!!}

{Yes...I DID make the cake & Ma Judy made the Pear Pies...MMMM!!!!}

{Didn't Jessica, Andrea & Lisa do a GRRRREAT job decorating?!?!}

{Smokey watching over us playing UNO...gotta LOVE it!!!}


An Iggy's Weekend!!!

This last weekend I got to try out a new restaurant, Iggy's Sports Grill...TWICE!!! Once in Orem with some friends, the other in Centerville with some family!! They've got quite a wide-spread menu...burgers, samiches, pizza, pasta, seafood...TOO many choices!!!! I got the Halibut Fish N'Chips Friday night & the Chicken Strips Saturday afternoon!! Both were...GRRRREAT!!!!!

{Good food & Good Friends}

{Iggy's Chicken Balls}

{"There are several things considered sacred in this life. One of those happens to be another mans fries. If you remember that you will live a long and happy life." (Name that quote & you'll win a prize!!)}

{Family time at Iggy's Sports Grill}

{We missed you Charlie, Haley & Kannon!!}


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentines Weekend 2009

This weekend was like most of my weekends lately...I got to spend it with Family!! This weekend was with "the Landlord" & his family!!

Friday night I was invited to go to dinner with "the Landlord", Beckham & Avi. We went some place I hadn't been for months...Burgers Supreme!! MMMM!! The kids were excited as least at first. You can tell from the pictures that things changed thru the meal!!

As I've mentioned in an earlier blog "the Landlord" owns a flower shop!! And as you know...Valentines is a VERY busy time of year for florists!! In fact...Valentines is when florists make most of their money that helps them to stay in business for the rest of the year!! This Valentines "the Landlord" asked if I would help make deliveries. I helped them out last Mother's Day & it was VERY rewarding seeing the joy that these Mothers experienced from such a simple act of kindness by their LOVEd ones!! I wanted to witness this "joy" again so I HAPPILY & WILLINGLY agreed!! Sadly, this year, I only got to make about 3 deliveries & none of them were home so we just had to leave them at the door!! :'( All well...maybe next year!!!!

{Amy hard at work preparing the AMAZING flower arrangements!!}

{Some of the AMAZING arrangements created!!}

{Sadly...none of these balloons were sold!! Why not?!?!}

{This one's for you Sis...Happy Valentine's Day!!!!}

One of the funnest parts about Valentines this year was after the snow stopped falling!!! I got to spend some "quality" time with Mator!! After cleaning the Landlord's driveway I went across the street & started cleaning off the walkways of the church. The best part about cleaning off the church walks is doing donuts in the parking lot!!! I've been contemplating selling Mator cause I'm getting desperate for money (DANG economy!!!!), but after this weekend...there's NO way I could get rid of him!!! It's just WAY too much fun!!!! I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can hit the trails!!!


Way TOO Long!!! But It's Because...

...I've been having TOO much fun with my family!!!!

I have a confession to make...I make some of the BESTEST cookies...EVER!!! There's just something about 'em!! I can't explain it!! Those that have had them know what I mean...right Mel D-M?!?!
I can't take ALL the credit this time though, cause my Mother & Sister "chipped" in (ALL puns intended)!!!

{Yes...I'm ACTUALLY doing it...I PROMISE!!!}

{Gotta use the mini ice cream scope to get the perfect shape; How the family likes to eat the cookies!!}

{The finished product...YUMMMMMMM!!}

I LOVE helping people!! It just makes me feel good!! Even if it's something I've never done least I can learn & I'll know how to do it (or at least look like I do) down the road sometime!! I'll admit...I can't do everything, but what I CAN do I'm VERY good at (see story above)!! I mean I'm NO mechanic or AC/Heating man (I rely on Uncle Rodney for pointers in those two departments...THANX Uncle Rod!!!!) One of my favorite ways to think of myself is..."a jack of all trades, but master of none!!" The reason I say this is because a couple of weekends ago when I was up at my parents my sister aksed me to help her put together a new bookshelf that she bought!! Check out my workings!!!!

Now for a little trip down memory lane...

Growing up we would frequent Grandma & Grandpa Miller's EVERY Sunday (or more)!! Back in the TV room there was often set up a card table with a puzzle-in-progress on it!! When I would sleep over...which was VERY OFTEN...I would help Grandma put the puzzles together!! Oh the memories!! Most of the puzzles were "landscapes"...they were BEAUTIFUL!!! Where did those puzzles end up?!?! I'm gonna have to track them down...SORRY...I digress!!! Anyhow...the other week I was up in Bountiful & saw some puzzles that Mother had bought for the kids & I was feeling in a "puzzle-making" mood!! As you can see from one of the pictures...I put ALL my focus into it!! Mother even came over to give me some help!!! LOVE YOU MOM!!!!

For Christmas the "Boyz" bought Father a game for Christmas that we used to play every year right around Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years/Super Bowl!! It's become a classic & as most things worn out!! Well...Charlie & Haley found this EXACT game someplace while they were on their "second" honeymoon!! It's called "Electric Football"!! While I was putting the puzzle together the other weekend Father played this "treasure" of a game with Taylor & Rachel!!

I SURE do LOVE my family and ALL the wonderful memories we have!! As most families...we don't get along ALL the time & there's one or two members of the family that are just a little TOO competative...okay...VERY competative!! But without the competition...where would the fun be!!!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

MNB: Monday Night Bowling

Last summer we had a "connection" at a bowling alley in Orem & therefore would bowl once a week (& sometimes more)!!! It became quite an AWESOME (& MUCH missed) "tradition"!!! This last Monday a few of the "old gang" got together to re-live the "tradition"!!

{Some of the old gang...Ben P, Jessica, Cecily, Lisa & Andrea!!
Also...someone's breaking the rules!!!!}
{Don't I have just AMAZING form?!?!?!}
{My new camera has many features that I'm just discovering...this one is called Color Accent}
{This camera features is Color Swap...Caley's sweater WAS green & the cup WAS blue!!!}