Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jodi's HAPPY Day 2009!!!!!

Friday (01/30/2009) was Jodi's b-day!!! So...that night we had a little family gathering!! We were lucky to get MOST of us together (we missed you Taylor & Rachel!!!)

I LOVE getting together with my family...whatever the occasion!!! The main reason is cause of the LOVE & excitement that is shown when we get together!! Take for instance this I pulled into the driveway & got out of Pepe', Kannon was on the porch yelling out my name over & over & over & over again!!! I LOVE being LOVED!!!!!

{Kannon preparing the table for dinner!! MMMM...Mandarin!!!!}

{Jodi blowing out the 2 candles!!! Jared & Mic watching on!!!}

{Kannon LOVES being where the fun is!!!}

{Kannon just could NOT wait to get to the cupcakes!!!
He SURE LOVES messy foods!!!}

{The aftermath to the Miller parties!!!!}


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Panasonic PT-LB60NTU Projector

This is a very, VERY tough decision, but it's one that NEEDS to be made!! I've decided to post this here first wanting my Friends to have first choice!!

I NEED to sell my projector!! I've had a nice run with it, but I need the $$ more than I need the "toy"!!

As most of you know it travels well & is VERY easy to set up!! It's in EXCELLENT condition!!

If you're wanting to use it other places than your home you will need a separate DVD player (which I've got one I could sell with it for REALLY cheap) & someway to emit sound!! (Sorry...I'm NOT selling the Bose!!!) I'm initially asking for $1,200 (OBO, which includes a replacement bulb)!!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

ARRR...Beckham's Pirate B-day Party!!

Although Friday was Beckham's official b-day he celebrated with his friends on Saturday by hosting a Pirate Party!!! All I gots to say is...Britnee is soo FRIGGIN' creative!!!!!!!

While the kids were opening their "treasures" Beckham was elsewhere checking out all his "loot" that he got!!!!

The map to the kids' "hidden treasure"!!


Pass the Pigs!!!

For those of you that TRULY know me you know that one of my passions is...Pass the Pigs!!! I was first introduced to it in high skool. One of my fondest memories of PtP was playing it at the JSBMB whilst waiting for one of my friends wedding luncheons to begin!! Oh the memories!!!!

As you can tell...Hayley & Alyssa don't quite have my "passion" for PtP!! Too bad for them!!!!


Taylor's Bowling B-day Party_01092009

For Taylor's B-day this year we went to Fat Cat's in Salt Lake!! It was SOOO much fun getting to spend time with my Family!!! We all had fun whether we bowled, watched or played arcade games!!!

As we were finishing up bowling we noticed that in the lane RIGHT NEXT to us was Big Budah from Fox13's Morning News crew!!! He is SUCH a good "sport" & was willing to get his picture taken with us!!