Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Birfday FUN!!!!!

A picture is worth a thousand words &
the words in this picture speaks VOLUMES!!!!!

This last weekend was one of my favoritest birfday weekends!!!

It all started off Friday morning with my BEST golf...EVER!!!! I know my score wasn't even good compared to some of my "Pro" friends, but for me it was REALLY good!! Eggspecially since I beat my Father & Brothers!! That's never happened before!!! We played Lakeside Golf Course (the "Sponge") [because it's FREE on your birfday!!]!! It was such a BE-A-UTIFUL day!! I couldn't believe how well I played!! The golf "Gods" were blessing me on my birfday!!!

Next the "boyz" went to breakfast at good-ole Dee's Family Restaurant!! Nothing like a good, hearty breakfast to end a golf morning off right!!!

Later that evening most of my family (we missed you Charlie, Haley, Kannon & Charlotte :'( :'( ) went to Boondock's in Kaysville because I got a FREE Unlimited Attraction pass [another free event on your birfday!!!] It was a BLAST riding the go-carts...skidding out on the "Slick Track" was the best!!!!

Thanks also to ALL my wonderful friends for the birfday wishes by Facebook, text & in person!! I truly LOVE you all!!!!!



julie said...

Happy Birthday, Scoot!!

MiRanda said...

Glad you have a great birthday...I love this pic. It really does sum it all up doesn't it!

Mrs. Wright said...

Ahhhh Skoot,...Happy (a little late) birfday! Miss ya.