Thursday, May 27, 2010

"In The Arms of His LOVE."

This week the Kjar's gave an AMAZZZING lesson based on Elder Neil L Andersen's talk, "Repent...That I May Heal You" from the Oct 2009 General Conference!!! What GRRREAT testimonies the Kjar's have!!

Sis Kjar started things off by sharing how this Mid-Singles class came about & also shared her testimony of the importance of the class. This left the majority of the class for Bro Kjar.

I LOVE talking about the conference talks with others because it gives me the chance to see things from another perspective & to possibly hear/see something that I might have missed!! As happened with this talk!!

Bro Kjar pointed out how we often think of repentance as a difficult or strenuous task...something that brings pain or anguish. But Bro Kjar pointed out that Elder Andersen said "The invitation to repent is rarely a voice of chastisement but rather a LOVing appeal to turn around and to 're-turn' toward God." Before Elder Andersen said these words he spoke a great deal about "arms". He shared an experience he had w/Pres Monson after he had received his call to the Quorum of the Twelve. At the conclusion of the interview Pres Monson opened his arms to embrace him. Elder Andersen said of this "As he wrapped his long arms around me and pulled me close, I felt like a little boy being held in the protective arms of a loving father."

This got me thinking of how much I LOVE being in other's arms as well!! There's just something about a hug!!! The joy...the security...the comfort that is felt in an embrace with someone you LOVE & care for!!! Oh how I LOVE hugs!!!!!!

I pray that we can all feel what Elder Andersen said the scriptures say of God's arms. They "speak of His arms being open [Mormon 6:17], extended [Alma 19:36], stretched out [2 Kings 17:36; Psalm 136:12], and encircling [2 Kings 1:15]. They are described as mighty [D&C 123:6] and holy [3 Nephi 20:35], arms of mercy [Alma 5:33], arms of safety [Alma 34:16], arms of LOVE [D&C 6:20], 'lengthened out all the day long.' [2 Nephi 28:32]"



Kristin said...

Hey! Did you know/remember that Bro. Kjar was the sealer at my wedding? Cool, huh!?!

Skoot D said...

Bro Greg Kjar?!?! If so, that IS AWESOME!!! I LOVE how "small" this world is!!!!