Sunday, May 16, 2010

Moab...Where Adventure Begins!!!

The first weekend in May most of my family (missed you Jared, Mic, Taylor & Rachel!!! :'( :'( ) took a little getaway to Moab because Father had to work down there. While Father was at work we spent the daylight hours soaking in the sights!! It was a MUCH needed vaca!!!!!!!

Balancing Rock

Delicate Arch / Wolfe Ranch

Such an AMAZZZZZING view!!!!
A HIGHLY recommended hike for ALL!!!
Come on...I made it!!!!

Fiery Furnace

Skyline Arch

Middle Finger

Garden of Eden

North Window

Double Arch

Parade of Elephants

Cove of Caves

Pothole Arch

Dead Horse Pointe

Landscape Arch

Sand Dune Arch

Grandpa's Finger

Rafting the Colorado River

Old Man Sleeping

World's Largest Alligator


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Syracuse Stake said...

oh skoot....those were fun to see!!! thanks for posting them:)